Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Witches on TV, oh my.

Here is the blog postings about yesterday's (Monday, January 29) broadcast of The Tyra Banks Show "Witches and Other Controversial Topics". I'm not providing the URL for the show synopsis because the address refers to "yesterday's program" and obviously is not permanent. You'll have to navigate to find it.

The synopsis is worth reading, I do emphasize. Judging from the outpouring of upset on the blog (my first post in it was one of the earliest, and can be found near the bottom. I use my mundane name...), Ms. Banks was rude, cutting people off before they could complete sentences, and played up on the promotional video used before the show aired, where witches in general were "Halloweenized" to the max. By all accounts, she even commented on the air that she wanted to use a cleansing ritual with sage after the pagans left the stage. The synopsis is mild by comparison and might be construed as deceptive. It certainly mentions nothing of what has been complained about.

I urge my siblings in faith to remember certain things. Those who are afraid of us, and are adamant in their beliefs, are not going to be convinced no matter what. They are a lost cause, and while their behavior should be monitored, they can as individuals be ignored. Those who hate us, and are likely to or intend to take action against us, are also not going to be influenced one way or the other. I will reiterate a caution I made to one of the show's guests who chatted with me in email a bit: take this lesson to heart, and be very careful about the sort of media invitations you receive from now on. Do not be gulled into participating in your own smearing. Set terms and conditions and stick to them, including walking out if you were deceived or the agreement is broken.

But most importantly: don't let this show stop you (in general) from making an ongoing effort to educate society-at-large, to make your beliefs understood in their proper context, and to help dispell ignorance.

I'm thinking that should be disspell ignorance. Has a ring to it, dontcha think? :-D

Considering the main media's take on Christianity over the past few decades, I'd recommend your warning for Christians as well! Well written.
Is this to get folks ready for Hillary '08?
Only if you say so, Pauli.
I tried reading the posts, Fedor, I really did, but too much grammatical ineptitude disturbs my stomach and makes my eyes bleed.

That being said, I think it's interesting that anyone would even think it worth the effort to "educate" ANYONE in regards to religion when 12 years of free education did nothing to even advance the cause of punctuation.
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