Monday, October 23, 2006


Don't waste the vote

Many people, moreso for this election cycle than any in living memory, are expressing disgust and anger at the lack of choice being offered by the two major parties. This note is meant for each person whose disgust or anger may cause you to stay away from the polls on November 7th.

Don't waste the vote. Go to the poll, and vote for a write-in person for every office where the other candidates have nothing politically acceptable to offer you for your vote.

We hear or see almost nothing concerning the write-in vote. It remains a legal option in every state of the Union. It should be available to every voter for every elected-office race on every election day. If it is not, go to your local election enforcement officials and complain loudly.

Now, here's the thing: a write-in vote requires much more effort on the voter's part than just choosing a candidate. You have to actually find someone who you think deserves your vote, who will -- if elected, and don't laugh because it is always possible -- serve in the office effectively. You may be surprised in your search to find several people actually running as independent, write-in candidates, and you just might find one for whom you can vote.

Vote. Don't let the cut-from-a-mold idjits in the Republicrat and Democan parties force you to stay away. If you think voting for a write-in is a waste of your vote, at least it's better than not voting, and get this: if enough people use the write-in, even if no one person gets any significant number of such votes, the media will have a field day writing about how the major parties have failed.

Wouldn't that be something?

If you like this idea, and can think of someone who can benefit from it, please, pass it on.

Hi Franklin,

Although I understand where you are coming from, I must respectfully disagree with your suggestion. I think it is more important than ever that everyone make their vote count this time around, but the best way to do that is to vote for Democratic contenders in each election. It's really the only way to effect change. I don't think the Dems
are perfect, and in truth have voted independently throughout my life, but we need to break up the majority in the House and Senate if we are to have any chance of honest debate and consideration for all Americans, not just rich or evangelical ones.
Reminds me of the "write-in" incident with Saint Ambrose back in the 4th century. Too bad the feast of St. Ambrose comes a month too late.

An excerpt: Ambrose, as the responsible civil official, went to the church where the voting was to take place, and urged the people to make their choice like good Christians, without disorder. A voice suddenly called out, "Ambrose, bishop! " The whole gathering took up the cry, and both Catholics and Arians then and there proclaimed him bishop of Milan. The outburst astounded Ambrose, for though he was a professing Christian, he was still unbaptized and therefore not eligible for the office. In view of the popular vote, the other bishops of the province agreed to ratify the election, at which Ambrose sadly remarked, "Emotion has now overruled canon law." The bishop-elect tried unsuccessfully to escape from the city.
If what you are trying to do is disrupt the electoral process to force government and politicians to realize we have a problem, all people really need to do is write in a candidate for a single office. That will force the election managers to pull the ballot out of the machinery and count the single write-in, even if you vote for pre-selected candidates for all the other offices. And, as long as you are going to write in a single candidate, why not make it the person you respect the most in all the world, real or fictitious, living or dead, from your mother to Mickey Mouse? You may never get a chance to praise your hero enough in any other way, but s/he will probably get a kick out of being told "I wrote you in for county prosecutor the other day."
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